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SBS MTV Rookie King with BTS
Posted: 31.8.13 at 13:19 PM
SBS MTV 신인왕 방탄소년단 - 채널방탄 예고 (정국 ver)

[ENG] 130830 SBS MTV Rookie King BTS - Channel Bangtan Preview

[THE STAR] Idol Staring Battle
Posted: 30.8.13 at 15:52 PM

130829 Idol Staring Battle - Jin

130829 Idol Staring Battle - Jimin

130808 Idol Staring Battle - V

O! R U L8, 2? concept photos
Posted: 29.8.13 at 18:23 PM
Bangtan Boys releases concept photos for their upcoming comeback O! R U L8, 2? Here's few photos of the boys! Check out more pics from our gallery! A.R.M.Y are you excited?

Bangtan Online

Bangtan Online

Bangtan Online

VLOG update
Posted: 29.8.13 at 18:13 PM

[130822] VLOG - V]

Jimin's fancafe post
Posted: 28.8.13 at 18:32 PM


ARMYs, youre doing well, right? Ive come back to write a post~ hehe (maybe its too late right now and everyone is in Dreamland?) I dont know if anyone has noticed but its all white now! It will be released in 21 hours so please anticipate ^^! Dream well~

Trans Christie @ bts-trans TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS
New variety show
Posted: 28.8.13 at 12:25 PM

[Big Hit's twitter update]

#BTS first variety show 'Rookie King Channel Bangtan' will start to broadcast on Tuesday, Sept 3rd at 17:00 on SBS-MTV
Comeback trailer & countdown
Posted: 28.8.13 at 12:17 PM

방탄소년단 Comeback trailer

Bangtan Boys are ready for their comeback! Check out their teaser above!

Also Big Hit Entertainment updated their website with a mysterious countdown! Check it here:
V's Fancafe post
Posted: 25.8.13 at 14:58 PM

[130825] V's fancafe post

Bangtan Online

Fancafe post
Posted: 25.8.13 at 15:16 PM

[130824] Suga & Jimin fancafe post

Bangtan Online

Twitter Update
Posted: 25.8.13 at 14:49 PM

Bangtan Online

안녕하세요 슈간데요 염색한 머리안들킬려고 셀카를 잘 못올렸는데 어제 들켜버렸네요 :) 이왕 들킨거 씌원하게 셀카투척 :)

[SUGA] Hello its SUGA and I havent been uploading selcas trying to avoid getting caught with my new dyed hair but Ive been found out yesterday :) Since Ive been caught, here I coolly throw you a selca :)

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VLOG Update
Posted: 25.8.13 at 14:37 PM

[130816] VLOG - Jungkook

Site opened!
Posted: 24.8.13 at 17:44 PM
Bangtan Online

Bangtan Online has opened their website! We provide the latest updates and news of Bangtan Boys! Hope you enjoy visiting here and if you have something to ask, just message us by clicking contact!
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